Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Andrej Wajda's Ashes and Diamonds

The pacing of the film supports the action in addition to serving as a metaphor through which the film communicates. Poland was plauged with war and subsequent offsets durring most of the twentieth century holding it's people fast to its fate.

The film opens with a brief introduction of the main characters, Maciek And Andrzej. The shots are long (duration)a and slow. They recline on grassy hillside outside of a cemetery lying in wait for their approaching military target. The duration of the shots shorten as the action intensifies when their "target"(a false target with interesting implications) arives on the scene and is gunned down. In the next scene, Maciek and Andrzej adjust to the hotel as they check in. The shots are, again, long; matching with the action in the shot. In a later scene, more action and faster pacing.

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